Mandala Stones: 50 Inspirational Designs to Paint by Natasha Alexander

Mandala Stones: 50 Inspirational Designs to Paint

Book Title: Mandala Stones: 50 Inspirational Designs to Paint

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1250134749

Author: Natasha Alexander

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Natasha Alexander with Mandala Stones: 50 Inspirational Designs to Paint

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Discover the power of the mandala with Natasha Alexander's Mandala Stones.

Mandala stones are meditative symbols that are created by painting smooth river rocks with intricate patterns of dots. The art and practice of creating the mandala is a form of meditation, a soothing ritual that allows the painter to express their creativity and find a sense of calmness. Featuring 50 stunning patterns ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced, Mandala Stones is the perfect introduction to the art of mandala painting for adults and children. A perfect project for the whole family.

All of the designs in the book, including the most complex, are created by combining simple dots of color, so even inexperienced artists will be able to enjoy the calming, meditative process of painting. The book begins with a thorough explanation of the tools and techniques involved, and each design is clearly explained and beautifully photographed.

From simple patterns of concentric circles to ornate mandalas based on the Fibonacci sequence, the concise and easy-to-follow directions and templates in Mandala Stones will have you crafting and painting your way to a calmer, more peaceful you in no time.